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  1. Are you completing this survey on behalf of your child or children? Adult
  2. When did you stop practicing? more than 1 year
  3. How long were you practicing? more than 1 year
  4. What were your goals when you started practicing? List them in order of importance.
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  5. If your goals changed during your time at the dojo, list them in order of importance at the time you stopped practicing.
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  6. Why did you stop practicing?
    • Friends (want to spend more time with my friends)
  7. Did you attend our Introductory Workshop? Yes
    1. Did it give you an idea of what aikido is? Yes
    2. How was the level of instruction? Too Much
    3. Did you get enough time to practice the techniques? Yes
  8. Would you recommend Aikido Shugyo Dojo to others? Yes